Michael began his journey with me in April of 2022. He was frustrated, stuck, and disconnected..

Within the next few months he completely transformed into a man who is healthy, connected and aligned in all areas of life. Someone who looks to the future with hope.

He initially was interested because he knew we focused on way more than just the physical aspect of health (although that is essential). What set us apart was the mental and spiritual elements as well.

Through working together, Michael discovered new found purpose in life that went beyond himself. He found a real community and is building life long friendships. Having ALL of this in ONE program was an absolute game changer.

Think of LIVE ELEVATED in terms of the good, better, best model in business.

-Fit Physically = Good

-Fit Physically + Mentally = Better

-Fit Physically + Mentally + Spiritually = Best

If you’re like Michael used to be, doing the same stuff over and over again and getting results you’re not happy with.. It’s time to elevate. It’s time to overcome the obstacles keeping you from becoming the person you were made to be.

Just like Michael, you can upgrade your entire life. Everything can change for the better. You are capable of achieving much more than you think. What’s holding you back? Let us help empower you forward!

Kristin is a mom of 2 kiddos & works a SUPER high-pressure job. You can imagine her hands are pretty full. She has no time to waste.

She wanted to lose a few pounds, feel stronger & have way more energy so she could "feel herself again".

I learned she was terrified of eating cards & was excessively working out in the gym, which is a natural go-to for women.

Yet, little do they know is the perfect recipe to drain your energy & keep you FROM seeing any results.

Kristin's frustration manifested in her home & her lack of confidence manifested in the way she carried herself all together.

She hit a breaking point & knew something needed to change.

So she invested in herself & from that point on, everything changed.

✓ Kristin stopped starving herself & learned how to FUEL her body...

✓ She learned how to be more EFFICIENT in the gym, giving her back tons of time & energy to dedicate to her family...

✓ Her body TRANSFORMED so she could feel confident again around her husband, in public & at work...

But best of all, she's herself again.

The person she wants to be. The person she's made to be. The person her family NEEDS her to be.

Now & forever.

You were made to reach your potential.

Is it time to experience the next level breakthroughs of having structure, positive community and the power of coaching?

The future is yours!

What are you waiting for?



"Very satisfied! I was able to state my goals to my coach and she was able to help me navigate how to successfully achieve those goals!"

"This program has changed my life - I can't imagine not being apart of this community."

"I absolutely love the app workouts, the tracker, our monthly calls, my weekly check-in’s, the education & guidance on macro/meal planning."

"I am grateful for the atmosphere of faith, love, and encouragement I have seen through this business and group."

"Very supportive, accountable and comes in with direction when needed. I appreciate my coach and get something out of each check in."

"I have been able to accomplish this through the amazing training staff and the wisdom they have imparted on me. The trainers are so well-equipped to answer questions and give you insight that you can start to make sense of all the "stuff" there is to learn."

LIVE ELEVATED is an all encompassing lifestyle brand empowering people to strive for their full potential. We use mindset, nutrition, fitness, & the power of community to equip our members with the tools & knowledge they need to be fit physically, mentally, spiritually, to live an elevated life.